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Welcome to the Interactive section where you can provide feedback about the site. This site is all about communication so make use of the technology, join the forum, take part in the survey and have your say in the site's future development.

Storno Community Forum

Join the community and meet old colleagues, fellow users, knowledgeable experts and other Storno enthusiasts from around the world.

Visitor Survey

If you have a few moments and would like to have a say in the future development of this site, please take part in our visitor survey.
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Say hello and leave your comments about the site in the visitors book. You do not have to enter your email address but we would like to know where you are from.

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Webmasters may link to the homepage of this site without restriction. Links to other top level pages are acceptable but should be notified by a guestbook entry. If you mention this site in a high profile newsgroup or online publication please advise in the guestbook so that transfer bandwidth can be monitored.

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