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Storno Memorabilia

Storno's main legacy is of course the huge number of radios that are still in service throughout the world but this page is a small collection of some of the other items that can still be found preserving the brand.

Storno Tie-Pin

The bronze version shown was awarded for 1 year's service followed by a bronze with 2 stars after 2 years. Of course after 2 years you knew you were in for the duration so the silver version required completion of 5 years. The theme continued with the addition of stars and eventually diamonds!


Bottle Opener

Arguably the most useful of all Storno memorabilia this will be familiar to everybody who has been to Copenhagen. Sampling the Smorgasbord in the famous canteen on the top floor in Artillerivej, the meal was always completed with the use of one of a wide variety of these found on every table. This particular example was from a limited edition celebrating the introduction of the CQP4000 and is just one of many still performing it's original and most essential duty.



If an after dinner cigar was required, again there was a Storno custom solution. This matchbook of the 'close the cover before striking' variety illustrated the current equipment range of the time. The reverse side on this particular example listed all the UK Sales and Service Centres. The 600/700/800 equipment ranges and inclusion of the Southgate sales office probably dates this at around 1980 (or this could just be a symptom of watching too many TV auction shows - estimated value: priceless if you've just run out of lighter fuel!).

Playing Cards

Having catered for the drinkers and the smokers, here is something for the gamblers in the form of a deck of Storno playing cards. The Ace of base stations easily beats the products of some other jokers!

Volkswagen LT Van

Another interesting collectible, the Himmelblau-4 (which refers to the colour) model Volkswagen LT Van was one of a range of model vehicles which were available decorated with various company logos including this Storno example from Germany.

CQP800 Keyring

Keyrings are commonplace as corporate gifts but the Storno approach goes one better by incorporating the communication theme in the form of a convenient little contact list while also reminding you of that other ground-breaking communication tool that was the CQP800 series.


Business Card Wallet

This item was used as a handy wallet to keep your business cards at the ready when meeting potential new clients. Only plastic on this occasion but it still smells quite nice!


Storno Diary

Not special by itself, it was just another business diary but it is the stories that they contain that make these such special mementos of a time longsince gone but still fondly remembered. As we flick through the pages and recollect those war stories from past projects, the experiences of a golden era...


Moscow Olympics Sticker

Celebrating Storno's position as official supplier of the radio communication systems used for the XXII Olympic games which took place in Moscow 1980, these commemorative envelope stickers were rapidly and randomly stuck all over the damn place. On test-sets, windows, manuals, toolboxes, everywhere - whether you wanted one or not!


Storno Ruler

It is well known that Storno ruled the European PMR airwaves and this is symbolised here with a genuine Storno twelve-incher and before you ask... no, we don't use it as a rule, it's far too precious for that!


Starnet Tie-Pin

Another tie-pin, this time illustrating that shining star of Storno trunking technology, the MPT1327 Starnet system. Unfortunately it does not light up like a Christmas tree when you transmit but wearing it while sitting in front of a Starnet rack on a busy system in a darkened room did use to give the desired effect.


And Finally...

This small collection only scratches the surface and thanks to everybody who donated items and sent photos so far but if you have any other genuine and unusual items that deserve inclusion, get out the camera and send them in.

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