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Storno reunited

Storno Camberley

The UK headquarters of Storno, affectionately known as Camberwick Green.


Changing faces

The changing face of Camberley over the years, starting in the sixties with the original Southern Instruments building shown in the black & white shot through to the flag flying seventies - note the escort service vans in their glorious 'command & control' livery. Moving on to the late eighties after the building had received a facelift and the addition of a more prominent logo.

Changing times

The black and white shots here span the mid sixties and seventies, The large group photo was taken during an outing at a nearby hotel, the second group shot shows the celebrations at the inauguration of the new Storno production line.

Below from 1964 we see Doug applying a little 'Potion No.3' to the valve bases of a Viscount on the custom factory test jig and again ten years later smoothing his way towards another jetset expenses claim.

Changing technologies

Camberley system test area, first showing a couple of generations of the British Rail (as it was then called) national radio systems starting with the '7458' NRP National Radio Plan equipment. Supplied in racks conforming to the standard telephone exchange 'light straw' colour scheme, this was later replaced by the more sophisticated '7696' NRN National Radio Network equipment.

The other shot shows Chris attempting to pick a winner with help from Rodger - "I think Airwave stands a good chance in the 2:15..."

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