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London Service Workshop

Steve's photos from the early days at Kentish Town around 1980.


It's really cool - we can program anything now we've got an ABC80 computer and a PROM programmer - if you don't mind the printout in Swedish.

Sometimes I check the maximum deviation by singing Irish folk songs - but not while the signal generator is still connected.

Well the thing is you see, if you use toilet paper under your CF701 to insulate the board then there's no risk from accidental sh**ts.

Ohh Yess - there's another cab downstairs with 'VI no Vocal'.

Smoking at the workbench and having an attractive calendar are fine but the London FM sticker is taking things a bit too far!

Actually the AVO 8 makes a perfectly good logic analyzer - if you're in no particular hurry.

So he's got de-emphasis set on the diddly-dum box going to the test-set switched to phase modulation, but the receiver also has de-emphasis so... Forget it, I'm going back to my own bench!

If I keep my head down nobody will notice.
(He's behind you!)

Field Tech's compare perks of the job...

S24: I just fixed a base Station in Slough, got a box full of Mars bars and now my seat is all sticky. S22: I just fixed the Radiophone on Paul Raymond's boat and now my P3 manual's pages are stuck together!


Meanwhile back in the office, BJB is considering how best to thank the team for coming back from the pub early to do some work in the afternoon...

Many Thanks in private . . . . . .. . . .1pt
Many Thanks in public . . . . . . . . . 2pts
Many Thanks in a private memo . 3pts
Many Thanks in a public memo . . 5pts
Many Thanks over the air . . . . . . . 8pts


The ladies' formation filing team have been promised a box of chocs when they've completed 500 invoices - they're looking forward to a Milk Tray in their in-tray.

Someone's just come into reception moaning about their reception.

Southern 15 is impressed by Steve's boasts about what goes on in the back of his VW camper van.

S23: Look I told you there's no decent spares in this van, how many telexes do we have to send before I can get a 25W PA transistor for a CQF?

Have you ever seen a Dutchman fly? - Not really, but the landlines would make a great catapult for sure.

12.5kHz Radiophone conversion - it's not just all about flash cars, big tips and chatting up the sexiest operators... oh all right then.

The Black Knight beats the White Morning.

So which one shall we take for a test-drive today?

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