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Storno reunited

Storno on the road

"Never in the field of service had such much been installed into so many by so few..."


Something for the weekend

The Storno mobile workshop, fully kitted out with benches, drawers, power supplies, test equipment and often so many antennas that if you ever rolled one over on a fast corner it would just spring back up again!

Of course when off duty, the vehicle would fulfill many other roles such as the ham shack and mobile disco in the surrounding examples.

For the ham radio enthusiasts among you the shots show the setup used for VHF/UHF DX contest activity from the Sussex South Downs during 1983 under the club callsign G3EFX. In the above shot the weather suddenly turned a bit rough breaking the pole just above the tower and wrecking one of the 16 element Yagi's. The van escaped damage - not sure about the tent pitched next to it though!

Brandishing the brand

Some more examples of Storno vehicles in full livery from Europe and the UK including the famous 'Jumbo' demonstration lorry & trailer below.

There is one obvious thing still missing on this page - the faithful blue Bedford Midi. Perhaps no photos were taken to avoid the embarassment of admitting they were all fitted with Motorola broadcast radios when we were still 'the opposition'!

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