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19 June 2003

Storno History

From Morse telegraphy to modern technology, this is a brief history of Storno and it's related companies.
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The beginning

Storno Radio Copenhagen was established in 1947 and was a division of the Great Northern Telegraph Company, a Danish company founded in 1869 which provided telegraph links between the UK and Scandinavia. The name Storno comes from the combination of the Danish words for Great Northern (Store Nordiske).

Drawing from the parent company's experience in the use and manufacture of high quality communication equipment, Storno specialised from its inception in the field of VHF and UHF FM radio communications.

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Southern Instruments

Southern Instruments Limited was incorporated in 1938 and had only four employees in premises at Penge, South London. By 1946 the rate of expansion caused the company to move to premises at Hawley, Hampshire.

The product range consisted mainly of oscilloscopes and allied test equipment. By 1954 the company's activities had grown to such an extent that a new factory had to be built at Frimley Road, Camberley to house a growing staff and production area manufacturing a wide range of instruments, including data handling, recording, industrial, analytical and communication equipment.


Storno expanded into the UK through co-operation with Southern Instruments and in 1960 Storno Ltd. was established. Storno equipment started being produced at the Camberley factory and was sold in the UK and the commonwealth alongside the Southern Instruments test equipment range under the Storno-Southern banner.

Success in the mobile radio business shifted the focus away from test equipment and Storno continued to grow in Europe, in particular through co-operation with Siemens in Germany.



In 1976 Great Northern sold Storno which then became an affiliate company of General Electric of America and this led to co-operation in development resulting in the CQM5000, CQP4000, CQM900, CQF9000 and CQM1000 ranges of equipment.

Storno built a reputation based on manufacturing reliable equipment which was technologically advanced but also flexible in design, serving the European market with a range of systems which could be customised to specific user applications

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In 1986 Motorola, seeking to increase it's share of the European market, bought Storno resulting in a period of dual branded products. Many of the Storno team remain at Motorola today and these combined talents have led to a whole new range of innovative communication products.

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