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Storno CQM600

The Storno CQM600 was the remote head version of the Stornophone 600 family. Available with 12 channels in the standard version and transmitter powers typically 6W or 10W but also a special 25W high power version.
Storno CQM600

Design features

The CQM600 was designed with a robust dust and waterproof finned metal cabinet. The standard commercial design was equally up to the requirements of both military and marine use. The modular design utilised the same RF modules as the other 600 series models, assembled into three internal box sections isolating the transmitter, receiver and power supply areas.

Technical developments

The Storno 600 range was fully transistorised giving much improved current consumption figures compared to the earlier valve hybrid designs and of course instant-on availability without any valve warm-up delays. Size and weight were also significantly reduced and the regulated inverter type power supply provided flexibility of installation allowing simple voltage switch selection resulting in stable transmitter power regardless of supply variations. Introduction of crystal filters and sealed pre-tuned filters simplified IF alignment and were available for 50kHz, 25kHz and later 12.5kHz channel spacing.


System capabilities

The CQM600 was totally versatile with special versions, additions and modifications developed to meet the requirements of any system design and within Storno, that meant there were no bounds - if the customer wanted it, if it could be done, you could have it with a Stornophone CQM600.
CB601 Control Head

CB601 Control head

The standard control box highlights the design flair that complements the technical excellence of the original CQM600. A design award winner, the ease and flexibility of installation is enhanced by the option of mounting the loudspeaker separately or on the underside of the unit. Selective calling modules were also housed in the CB and a wide variety of handsets and stalk mics could be supplied as an alternative to the classic matching 'cornet' microphone. Audio quality was also superb, especially when using a handset.
CB602 Weatherproof head

CB602 Control head

The CB602 had the same functionality as the CB601 but was designed for outdoor or marine use. Usually accompanied by the LS602 folded horn loudspeaker and a ruggedised handset, the installation was designed to withstand the harshest of environments including sand and saltwater. Connection to the transceiver was via the same 26 core cable used in the standard version except the cable entry was via a watertight gland.
CB600 Direct dial


The CQM600 was used in a range of very sophisticated radio systems including the two-way direct dialling CAF680-2003 and early SMART trunked systems like the CAF680-2004, often used by major airports and utility companies.


The 2009 spec. refers to the option of having a dual front-end receiver allowing monitoring of channels in 2 separate parts of the frequency band. The control box used with this option could independently select channels in the 2 bands and also scan them both.
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