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Storno Viscount

The Storno Southern Viscount (also known as the Stornophone V or Viking in Europe) was introduced in 1960. It was the first mobile to make extensive use of transistors.
Stornophone V

Design features

The Viscount used a modular design and was capable of running from a 6V, 12V or 24V DC supply. The cabinet consisted of a main chassis with top and bottom covers secured by four snap fasteners. The cabinet was unventilated, giving reasonable environmental protection, heat being dissipated via the external surfaces.
Storno Viscount Internals

Technical Developments

The Viscount used pnp Germanium transistors in the Power supply, squelch, audio and intermediate frequency circuitry. The design also saw the introduction of components mounted on printed circuit boards, replacing the earlier chassis and tag board layout.

Viscount cabinet

System capabilities

Tone signalling capabilities were available in the form of single or double tone encode and decode options although this addition occupied the space used by the crytstal switching assemblies, reducing the number of channels available.
CB19 Control head


The Viscount was designed with a main transceiver unit and remote control head. The standard head special features included a volume control switch with 6 volume steps plus an alarm position for use with an optional call alarm device. Channel switch with 8 channels plus off position. Transmit button with extra contacts to mute a broadcast radio if required, a tone send button and a battery economy button to diconnect the transmitter valves' heater supply. Some units also have a variable squelch adjustment under the channel switch.
CB19 Waterproof head


The Viscount was also available with a more robust waterproof control head for use in marine or outdoor installations. The R, S, T, switch was used for Receive, Standby or Transmit mode selection.

Motorcycle Installation


The picture shows an old BSA motorcycle installation with the LM19-1 combined Loudspeaker-microphone unit mounted on the handlebars and CB19-2 control head mounted on the fuel tank.
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