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Stornophone 5500

The Stornophone 5500 was the Storno branded version of the Motorola MC-micro (Radius M110) series. Conventional models supported from 2 to 99 channels, up to 32 trakmodes providing channel related personalities and a range of transmit powers up to 25W were available.
CQM5500 RF Side

Design features

The Storno CQM5500 was constructed with a main chassis containing the RF board on top and the command board on the underside. The heatsink incorporating the transmitter power amplifier, antenna switching and DC supply connection was mounted on the rear, linked by a 6-pin connector and plug-in co-axial cables. The control head could be directly fitted to the front of the set for dashmount installation or remotely connected via the 15-pin D connector on the front panel.
CQM5500 Command Board

Technical developments

The success of the CQM5500/MC-micro range was not in it's leading edge technology but in it's small size and cost effective functional design. Hardware variations for low and high tier models and versions covering the requirements of simple conventional up to complex trunked systems meant that sets were designed to perform a particular range of functions rather than having a 'do everything' approach, resulting in cost savings for fleet operators.

CQM5500 deskmount

System capabilities

The CQM5500/MC-micro was particularly flexible with regard to control head configurations ranging from simplified button & LED display units to a full keypad with 8-digit LCD display. The number of buttons actually fitted also varied according to required function and used a very symbolic approach, for example the 'home button' being represented by a house symbol.
CQM5500 Low tier handset

CQM5500 Low-tier Handset

In addition to the dashmount and remote mounted control head a minimalised control head in the form of a handset with button and LED display could be used. This was particularly effective for use in vehicles where the dashboard layout restricted installation space.
CQM5500 Display Handset

CQM5500 Display Handset

The LCD display version of the handset provided a highly functional control unit requiring minimal space. The handset units had both a microphone and built-in speaker so the external speaker could be disabled to provide operator privacy.

CQM5500 Full Keypad

CQM5500 Install

The small size and variety of control head configurations allowed great flexibility of installation with dashmount, local or remote operation for both control head or handset versions. The set could be retained from above or below using the standard cradle and there was a deskmount version with built-in speaker available for fixed mobile installs.

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