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Stornophone 700

The Storno CQM700 was introduced in 1972 with single channel or 6 channel crystal control and a full range of tone signalling options. A significant size and weight reduction compared with earlier models allowed straight forward installation as either a dash mount or with a remote control head. 
CQM700 Chassis

Design features

The CQM700 had a modular RF section mounted on the top side of an 'opening book' style chassis with the bottom half providing Intermediate frequency, audio, supply and control functions and space for optional tone signalling modules. The CQM700 used a variation of the 600 standard 34 pin connector for all local and remote control functions and the familiar T-spade DC supply connector as used on the CQL. The supply was designed for 12V negative earth, other installations requiring an external convertor.
CQM700 Synthesiser

Technical Developments

The CQM700 saw the introduction of fully solid state switching both in the control circuitry and in the use of pin diode TX/RX switching instead of the usual relays. Another feature of the original models was the 5-section helical filter assembly which gave excellent receiver immunity to near band signals (the same device was often fitted to base stations at communal sites with impressive results). Frequency synthesisers were also developed for the higher volume public mobile phone variants.

CQM700 Logic

System capabilities

The CQM700 could be extended to meet complex system requirements, in particular the mobile phone versions had additional discrete CMOS/TTL logic based designs capable of advanced channel scanning and signal strength sampling algorithms to identify and seize a strong idle channel.


The later edition Storno 700 version 'a' models had a redesigned common function board and higher transmit power capability. They are externally identical with the exception of the CQM730a version where the increased transmitter power was achieved with a 'bolt-on' external power amplifier stage.


The CQM713 P3 was the 55 channel synthesised UK public radiophone model. These were 20W transmit power 'a' type units with an extended chassis housing the control logic boards and operated with a handset and custom control head. For more information on the system operation, also see the System 3 section of the radiophone page
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