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Stornophone 7000

The CQP7000 was introduced to the Storno model line-up in 1988. There were three basic models, no keypad, limited keypad with display and full keypad with display. Known as the CQP7000a, b and c they were the Storno branded versions of the Motorola MX1000, 2000 and 3000. A wide variety of specific models and options were available with up to 100 channels and transmit powers up to 6W VHF and 5W at UHF.
CQP7000 Modules

Design features

The Storno 7000 was constructed in three main parts, the radio housing and baseplate assembly which had all the front and side button actuators and contacts for the separate battery. The internals consisted of the front shield which carried the LCD display, speaker, keypad membrane, personality EEPROM and controller of the peripheral electronics (COPE). The front shield clipped over the frame assembly which housed the top panel controls, the main circuit board with controller of the radio electronics (CORE), and the plug-in RF modules.
CQP7000 Front

Technical developments

One of the main features of the CQP7000 was that no physical RF alignment was required, all adjustments and levels being adjusted using an IBM compatible PC running a DOS application to set all the required personality and alignment parameters via a radio interface box connecting between the PC serial port and radio accessory connector.

CQP7000 Back

System capabilities

The CQP7000 supported a wide range of tone signalling standards, channel scanning and user programmable memory features, enhanced by the eight character alphanumeric display. Special options included submersible, encrypted, intrinsically safe and Storno PhoneNet 2200 trunked system compatible versions..


The non keypad version was limited to the ten channels that could be selected by the top panel channel switch.


The three button limited keypad allowed menu selections from pre-programmed lists typically supporting up to seventy channels.



The full fifteen button keypad allowed direct entry of called radio or telephone ID's, password protection, user programmable lists and up to one hundred channels.
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