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Stornophone 800

The Storno CQP800 was introduced in 1973 with either local or remote speaker/mic control heads. The Storno 800 was available with up to 12 crystal controlled channels and all standard tone signalling options. Transmitter output power was 1W, increasing to 3W in the later CQP800U versions..
CQP800 Repair

Design features

The CQP800 was the ultimate in modular design allowing for simple plug in replacement of all units except the control head and tone modules. The other main feature was the solid extruded aluminium leather clad case which could be simply replaced with longer versions according to the length of the 'stack rack' of module housings required for the particular set. This ranged from the amazingly small 2-channel VHF no tones model through to the 12 channel UHF with tone encode and decode 'walking stick' versions.
CQP800 Modules

Technical Developments

The CQP800 saw the introduction of miniature thick film circuit design, each module consisting of miniature components, surface mounted on to a ceramic substrate. The module production process allowed components such as resistors to be laser trimmed to their optimum value instead of having to allow for the spread of low tolerance preferred values.


System capabilities

The CQP800 was always intended to be a portable with the capabilities of a mobile. A vast array of system specific logic and customised control heads were developed to meet the whole range of portable system needs including analogue trunked, DTMF and encrypted speech requirements.


The Storno 800U version was introduced in 1979. The U suffix refers to the universal control head which provided greater flexibility and improved receive audio by providing a larger built-in loudspeaker with a remote speaker/mic socket so that all radios could be used in either mode. With the 800U the available transmitter power was also increased to 3 Watts.


Synthesised portables became available toward the end of the 800's lifespan using eprom channel code selection, resulting in a shorter case length for sets with many channels.



Models specifically designed and approved for working in flammable atmospheres were available, initially with 200mW and later CQP800U-IS with up to 1W transmitter output.
Storno Manpack

CQP800 Manpack

The CQP863-7562 and related models were designed mainly for military and emergency services use as a rapid deployment repeater. Consisting of a CQP800 transmit and receive section repackaged with a duplexer and high capacity batteries, an instant local coverage repeater could be set up simply by throwing this thing up the nearest tree !
CRP800 Pager


Although Storno did not generally design paging systems, receiver only CRP800 models were available to complement 2-way systems with both tone and voice capabilities using 5-tone signalling.
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