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Stornophone 8000

The CQP8000 was the Storno branded version of the Motorola HT800 or Radius P210. Available with 2, 8 or 16 channels with transmit powers of 2W or 5W at VHF and 2W or 4W at UHF.
CQP8000 Assembly

Design features

The Storno 8000 was constructed with a transceiver mother board which was a 2-layer printed circuit board carrying all the RF circuitry. The other main items were the controller flex module, front panel with loudspeaker and microphone plus the optional keypad board for DTMF/Multicall models. The units were fitted with front and rear shields and inserted into a moulded polycarbonate housing with the front panel completing a sturdy weatherproof assembly. Test cables and accessories could connect via contact pads on the top panel by removing the protective cover.
CQP8000 Modules

Technical developments

The CQP8000 was a synthesized, processor controlled radio. Channel and tone personaliy could be programmed using DOS based software using an interface box connected between a PC serial port and the accessory contacts. Programming could also be 'cloned' from another radio using a special interconnecting cable. Extensive use was made of flexible printed circuits for wiring, interconnection and the controller flex which consisted of surface mount components mounted on a folded screened flexible circuit module.

CQP8000 Controlflex

System capabilities

The CQP8000 supported CTCSS and select-5 tone signalling with an option for DTMF and Multicall operation with the keypad versions.

Storno CQP8000


The standard unit had top panel controls for on/off volume level, channel selection and a decode select switch. The side panel had a monitor button, call button and PTT switch. Transmit, call and battery state indication was provided by a bi-colour LED on the top panel.
CQP8000 Keypad

CQP8000 DTMF/Multicall

The keypad version of the CQP8000 allows selection of outbound DTMF dialling digits or programmable outbound Multicall select-5 signalling.

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