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Stornophone 900

The Storno CQM900 or M9000 series was introduced in 1981 as a replacement for the CQM600 series. It was designed to be advanced, full featured and flexible enough to meet the varying requirements of the worldwide systems market.
Storno CQM900 Radio

Design features

The CQM900 was a large, sturdy remote head controlled mobile which had an extensible cast aluminium chassis allowing internal mounting of options such as duplexers and supply voltage converters. The top RF-module section was separated by an internal shelf from the bottom audio, power supply and control section. The RF section consisted of screened modules most of which could be easily exchanged or upgraded by plug-in replacement.

CQM900 RF Modules

Technical Developments

The modules were a combination of PCB mounted components and thick film micromodules some of which contained custom IC's. Although plug-in crystal oscillator modules were available to support up to 4 channels, the majority of units were synthesised with independent Phase Locked Loop circuitry for the transmit and receive sections allowing full duplex operation on up to 256 channels.

CQM900 Control modules

System capabilities

The standard processor conrol logic module came with a 2K EPROM which could be programmed with all the customer specific personality data such as channel frequencies, tone signalling capabilities, control head button functionality etc. There were also a number of variants catering for any special requirements including trunked systems and public mobile phone applications.
CQM900 Control Head

C92 Control Head

The CQM900 radio unit was conrolled by a remote control head available with varying combinations of buttons, indicators and display options according to the complexity of the system application. Unlike earlier models which controlled the radio via switches operating over a multicore cable, the Storno 900 series had a microprocessor in the control head and used serial data signalling to remotely control the radio allowing great functional flexibility while using less wires in the control cable.
CQM900 Codeplug


Another feature available as an option on the control head was an exchangeable codeplug. This permited flexibility with regard to tone signalling so that the callsign could relate to the user instead of the vehicle. The internals consisted of a matrix of diodes which could be individually cut out to obtain the coding required.

CQM900 Install


The radio package was rugged and weatherproof. Although quite large it was easily fitted and removed using the built in handle mechanism which featured a key lock to secure the radio onto the mounting plate.
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